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Rain & Dry Lightning grid-based map is available in Google Earth format and is found under “Experimental Products” The Google Earth KMZ link is  in the Current Condition box. (December 2010)

NDFD NFDRS Forecasts Added (May 2008):WFAS has added seven day fire danger forecasts using the National Digital Forecast database Click Here for more details

WFAS Website Redesign: (February 2006) The WFAS site has been redesigned to streamline the website update process and simplify web site maintenance.  We have maintained the navigation structure and all existing links, so there should be a minimum of disturbance to users that link directly to WFAS products.

Lightning Ignition Efficiency: (August 2002) The lightning ignition efficiency algorithm has been corrected due to discovery of an error. The resulting maps reflect higher lightning efficiency than previously.

NDVI Reprocessing: (August 2002) In March of 2001, the EROS Data Center began a year-long effort to re-process raw NDVI data with new algorithms to improve correction for atmospheric moisture (not clouds). Generally this increased the observed NDVI over past years' values. This reprocessing effort is complete and historical GIF and data images are in preparation.

WFAS Redesign: (June 2002) The WFAS site has been redesigned to provide easier access to products. Archives are accessible by calendar. Comparisons between years can be displayed. Animation of a sequence of images can be viewed.

Alaska: (June 2002) The Alaska Fire Service uses the Canadian Fire Danger Rating System to monitor fire potential in the Alaskan Interior. Some coastal Forest Service locations report into WIMS on an irregular basis. Access to Alaska fire potential is available at: http://fire.ak.blm.gov/. Then click on "Maps and Imaging."


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