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New Web Map Server

WFAS has a new web map server for NDVI-based greenness data.  You can find it here: http://maps.wfas.net/

Screenshot of the WFAS Web Mapping System

In this new interface, you can pan, zoom and plot greenness data.  We'll be expanding the scope of this interface in the future, so keep checking.

Google Earth Map Data

WFAS is now offering point-based map data in a Google Earth compatible format.  The files are updated daily and include current weather, fire danger and fuel moisture observations as well as forecast weather conditions when available. More WFAS products will be made available in this format in the future, so keep checking back.

NOTE:  The WFAS map data KML now includes links to historical weather data for each operational weather station.  Just follow the links at the bottom of the marker page.

The daily rain/dry lightning map has been added to Google Earth products.   The KMZ link is in the Current Condition box under Experimental Products (Dry Lightning). The map date is found in the folder description for the product.  (December 2010)


Click here to download the WFAS Google Earth Map Data file in KMZ format


If you don't have Google Earth installed on your computer, you can download it here free of charge:


NDFD Fire Danger Forecasts added to WFAS

WFAS developers have been working on a process to use seven day forecasts from the National Weather Service to estimate future fire danger. These fire danger forecasts are being produced at 6:00 AM Mountain Time each day for the current day and the next six days. Images of the forecast Energy Release Component for Fuel Model G are currently being provided and future enhancements will offer more indices, components and fuel moistures as well as more comprehensive analysis tools.

Click Here for more details


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